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Guest Experiences at Harnas Guest Farm

Harnas Accommodation Stone Cottage_edited.jpg

Luxury Accommodation

Your Journey, Your Home

Add a luxury stay at Harnas Guest Farm to your cultural adventure. Five exquisitely built stone cottages seamlessly mix a beautiful blend of decadence and rustic appeal.

Harnas Guest Farm – your home in the midst of the African bush.

Harnas Restaurant Outside 2.png

Harnas Restaurant

Nothing brings people together like good food

Enjoy the decadence of delicious cuisine, prepared by a highly trained team. There's nothing quite like sampling sumptuous dishes amidst the flair of Africa.

Lion at Harnas Wildlife Sanctuary.png

Morning Feeding Tour

Enter our animal kingdom

This exciting tour takes you to our incredible carnivores including lions, cheetahs, African wild dogs, caracals and leopards. Watch them being fed by our experienced guides and listen to their stories. The scenic route lends the opportunity of spotting some free-roaming reserve animals. It's the perfect start to your day.

Sundowner at Harnas Guest Farm.png


Sunset is the opening music of the night

Take a leisurely drive to a prime sundowner spot on our beautiful reserve. Namibian sunsets, with a refreshing drink in hand, are ALMOST unbeatable! Yes, the roar of our lions may add to the experience - making it a never-to-be-forgotten moment.

San People Harnas_edited.jpg

The Ancient San Skills Academy

The 'wow' factor of Harnas

You can experience the magic of Harnas and its unique role in uplifting Namibia’s San communities. The Ancient San Skills Academy steeps guests in an olden culture, where traditions are upheld with pride.

This exceptional activity reveals the secrets of the San, from survival in the bush, traditional medicines, hunting techniques and animal tracking, to just how they lived thousands of years ago. 

San people at Harnas.png

Ancient San Stories under the Stars

The best of the night

Join the traditional San under Namibia's starry skies. Your guide will take you to the Ancient San Skills Academy where you will join the San around their evening fire and listen to stories and tales about the stars, animals, galaxies and the universe. Traditional dance and song will add to the revelry. This is the ideal way to experience the Namibian bush at night.

San hunting at Harnas.png

Hunting with the San

Follow in their footsteps

This wonderful activity lets you follow in the footsteps of San hunters! Learn all about tracking and hunting and, of course, any meat obtained (if it's a lucky hunting day) goes back to the San community. Pre-booking is essential.

San dancing at night at Harnas.png

Night out with the San

The magic of the night

Experience the magic of the Namibian nights on this once-in-a-lifetime activity. Join the San at our Ancient San Skills Academy and spend the night immersed in their traditions. Become part of their world and witness the song and dance that echoes underneath a canopy of stars, listen to their mythical stories, and sink into slumber just as they do. Pre-booking is essential.

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